Who we are


20th Swansea (1st Morriston) is the oldest currently active Group in the  Glamorgan west/Cwm Newydd discrict. It was founded in 1915 by Frank Powell, and met originally in the Libanus School Room in Morriston. After the Second World War a new headquarters was established in Bath Road, when Griff James became first Cub Scout Leader and then Scout Leader. He subsequently took over as Group Scout Leader, and when he retired on reaching the age of sixty five, Hywel Weaver took over that position until his retirement . In 1961 the Group was able to open a new headquarters in Solva Road, Clase which is still its present home.

The Building

The original single hut was built in timber and opened its doors in 1961 to a local troup which had transferred from Dynefor School to the Solva Road, Clase location. After some time there were two troups of approx 36 scouts each along with a thriving group of Cubs in support. Additional room was required and so 5-6 years later the second hut was built and attached to the original building. The groups continued to thrive throughout the next forty years, however due to a sudden lack of leaders for the scout side the troup had to be disbanded and closed down in 2001. From that time until 2003 the building was only used by the Cubs until a new Leader and support leaders came together and reformed the troup.

The building had an outer skin of brick constructed in the 1980’s with metal grilles and front door added at the same time, however a recent burglary saw the front door damaged and internally all doors to cupboards were ripped from their hinges with several items either destroyed or taken. Since the buildings were finished in the early sixties there has been little renovation work carried out, and no modern facilities installed for the use of the current Scouts/Cubs/Beavers. The Clase area is generally considered a deprived area with little or no facilities for young people.

The Scout Hall is used for all activities relating to the Scouting Organisation and the programme of learning as directed by the Scout Leaders. Almost all events put on for, or organised by, the scouting groups of Beavers, Cubs & Scouts are centred in or around the Hall. The following items cover the general activities & uses:
• Evening Meetings for Scouts, Cubs & Beavers;
• Storage of Camping Equipment;
• Weekend/overnight training events for Camping & Outdoor Skills;
• Management Committee Meetings;
• Fundraising Events;
• Christmas Concert/Talent Show.
All the maintenance & service bills are paid from donations and members’ subscriptions plus whatever is achieved by fundraising events. All spending is regulated through the committee and we are currently undergoing a refurbishment of the building to bring facilities up to a higher standard for the enjoyment & safety of the young people.